Best CBG For Pain, Focus & Relief 

Published 9:21 am Monday, July 8, 2024

The success and acceptance of CBD (cannabidiol) have now opened gates for many other cannabinoids on the market. There are hundreds of cannabinoids in hemp plants, and all of them are believed to have their own unique healing and therapeutic properties. 

CBG (cannabigerol) is one such cannabinoid that has gained quite some traction because of its extremely effective pain-relieving properties. Just like CBD, it’s also available in multiple forms, like CBG gummies, tinctures, and more. 

So if you are bored of hearing and using the same old cannabinoids, it’s time to spice things up and give CBG a shot. In some recent studies, it’s been found that CBG is one of the best cannabinoids for pain relief and works similarly on our endocannabinoid system as CBD. 

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This article will cover everything you need to learn about CBG so that you can easily shop for the best CBG oil without any hassle and with a sound mind. 


What Do We Know About CBG So Far? 

CBG is known as the mother of all cannabinoids. Its concentration in mature cannabis sativa plants is very low because it converts into other cannabinoids like CBD and THC. So it has basically all the similar healing and therapeutic properties of other major cannabinoids.

It is the very first cannabinoid that forms during biosynthesis in cannabis plants. Just like CBD, it doesn’t have any intoxicating effects, making it safe for day-to-day consumption without worrying about getting high.

In a fully grown plant, there’s hardly more than 1% CBG, making it quite rare and difficult to procure for growers and cannabinoid brands. However, there are some specific strains made through cross-breeding that have higher levels of CBG as compared to THC and CBD. 

Is CBG Good For Pain Relief? 

Yes, CBG could be your perfect pain relief partner. Studies have shown that it has an affinity to influence CB1 and CB2 receptors in our body’s endocannabinoid system. It also works on non-cannabinoid receptors like adrenergic receptors and serotonin receptors. 

Through a combination of these activities, it helps our body function better. Regular CBG consumption can uplift your mood, curb your pain levels, improve your sleep quality, and make you feel more focused and in control of your body. 

How To Choose The Best CBG For Pain? 

Now, before you hop on the web and start to buy your monthly CBG stock, there are a few factors you should consider. See, the trend is new, and lots of brands are jumping into the market. 

So, there’s always a slight chance of you falling prey to inferior products because of certain marketing gimmicks by brands. To buy the best CBG for pain, here’s what you should keep in mind: 

Buy Full-Spectrum CBG

Until or unless you have sensitivity to even trace amounts of THC or have an upcoming blood test, you should always opt for full-spectrum CBG for pain-related issues. Why? Full-spectrum products contain all the essential elements that give hemp plants their healing properties. 

This includes a complete range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients. All these elements have their own unique set of healing properties and combined, they create a much stronger and more potent pain-relieving effect as compared to single cannabinoids. This holistic impact of mixed synergy is commonly known as the entourage effect. 

Check The Certificate Of Analysis

Never buy CBG for pain from brands that don’t provide the most recent certificate of analysis with their products. It’s a third-party lab test report that measures whether the product has the exact concentration of ingredients as mentioned on the label by brand or not.

The report also contains an analysis of heavy metals and other adulterants in the product. Hence, it’s one of the most crucial parts to check when looking for high-quality cannabinoid products. 

Extraction Process 

The extraction process used in deriving the CBG from hemp plants can make a huge difference in its quality and effectiveness. You should always aim for products that are made using CO2 extraction methods.

This is the most scientific, high-quality, and effective extraction process. You may also opt for the second-best method, which involves alcohol extraction, but only when CO2 extraction methods are not available in your area and you need some urgent pain relief. 

Customer Support

Finally, go with a brand that has a dedicated customer support team. This can make a nighttime or daytime difference in your shopping experience.

Quick and knowledgeable staff can clear all of your queries and keep you updated on the best ongoing offers and sales. 

How Should I Take CBG For Pain? 

The best ways to take CBG for pain will depend on your personal preference, body chemistry, tolerance levels, onset time, and the intensity of the effects you are aiming for. The safest, most sought-after, and quickest method is to put a few drops of CBG oil under your tongue. 

This sublingual method results in faster absorption, and you’ll feel your pain numbing down within 10–20 minutes of consumption. There are thousands of blood capillaries present under our tongue, which results in faster absorption and mixing of CBG oil in our bloodstream, hence the quick onset time.

The next most preferred method is to gulp down CBG gummies before bed or in the morning. They provide a slow release of this cannabinoid in your body and may take over an hour or two before kicking in. 

So What’s The Best CBG For Pain?

As we discussed above, it’s best to go with CBG and CBD oil for dealing with all kinds of pain, offered by trusted, well-tested, and one of the most reputed cannabinoid brands, Colorado Botanicals. A few drops of CBD oil every morning and every night can help you to de-stress, calm down, and sleep restfully. 

As your body goes through restful sleep, the CBG and CBD oil start to work on the cannabinoid receptors of the endocannabinoid system and enhance them to reduce your pain perception and inflammation in affected areas. 

It contains CBG and CBD in equal ratios, allowing your body to experience the healing and soothing properties of both cannabinoids. It’s made from only natural ingredients, including full-spectrum CBD extract, cannabigerol extract, and coconut oil. 

Colorado Botanicals is one of the very few brands that offer oils in flavored options, making it superior to gummies, which have slower onset times. This full-spectrum CBG and CBD oil is available in a refreshing peppermint flavor, and if you somehow don’t find hemp’s earthy taste revolting, then there’s an unflavored option for you as well. 

Is It Okay To Take CBG On Empty Stomach?

Yes, for seasoned users, this might be completely normal, but beginners may feel a slight nausea. Hence, it’s recommended to take CBG oil with food items, especially those that are higher in fat content. 

So maybe chew a few cashews or have an avocado before putting a few drops of CBG oil under your tongue. It’s scientifically proven that when taken with fatty foods, cannabinoid absorption in the body becomes better, and its concentration levels increase by four times more than usual. 

Also, taking it with food allows your body to adjust better to new compounds and avoids the risk of nausea symptoms. 

How Should I Store CBG?

Storing your CBG products can improve their shelf life drastically. When stored properly, CBG oil can last for over a year. To achieve such a long shelf life, you should keep your CBG oil bottle in a cool, dark place, far away from direct sunlight. 

Also, always fasten the bottle cap tightly after every use, because prolonged air exposure can cause cannabinoids to break down and lose their strength. Keep a check on how the oil is smelling, its color, and its consistency from time to time. 

Is CBG Legal? 

Yes, CBG is completely legal, and you can easily buy it from the Colorado Botanicals official site in most of the US states. The 2018 farm bill has legalized the sale, production, and consumption of all industrial hemp-based products as long as the THC levels in them are kept under 0.3%. 

The most major and famous cannabinoid, CBD itself, is born from CBG’s acidic form; hence, it’s not against the law to consume it. Still, before you buy it, check with the laws in your specific state, as the guidelines can change at any time. 

Are There Any Side Effects Of CBG For Pain?

No, CBG products are safe to consume for most people. Though in some cases it may cause slight drowsiness, fatigue, and dehydration, To avoid this, you should always start with a low dose, observe the effects for some time, and then adjust the dosage accordingly.

These effects are not serious enough to warrant an immediate doctor visit and mostly go away within a few hours. If they still persist, it’s recommended to take a small break from CBG for a few days. 

Key Takeaways

To sum it up, yes, CBG products are one of the best options in the natural products category for pain relief. CBG has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, which can help you calm down and feel better. 

You can opt for a variety of products, like CBG oils, gummies, capsules, balms, and more. Just make sure to buy these from reputable, trusted, and well-tested brands like Colorado Botanicals.