Get More from Your Bets: A Complete Guide to Rakeback Offers

Published 9:44 am Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Feeling upset with casino charges eating into your winnings? Rakeback comes as a lifebuoy, allowing you to get back a portion of these losses. Today, I’ll break down this bonus for you. Explore the forms it may take, learn the formula to calculate it, and get tips for using it to your advantage. 

Rakeback Explained


When betting online, everyone’s wagers go into a big pot. The casino takes a small cut from this pot. It’s the rake or the fee for hosting the games. Rakeback bonuses give you a refund of this fee. Usually, they are part of the level-up bonus system. For example, in Metaspins Online Casino, your rakeback percentage grows as you climb higher levels of their Level-Up system.

Common Types

  • Flat

It’s the simplest form of the bonus. Here, you get a fixed percentage of your contribution. Let’s assume you’ve scored a 30% rakeback bonus. By claiming this offer, you can count on a $30 rake rebate on every $100 wagered.

  • Tiered

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With a tiered structure, the more you wager in a certain period, the higher the percentage of the refund you get. Tiered rake rebates are especially rewarding for high-rollers.

  • VIP/Loyalty Programs 

Certain loyalty programs offer rakeback among other perks. By climbing the loyalty ladder, you can unlock higher percentages of the casino fee refund.


Now, it’s time to crunch the numbers and calculate your rakeback. Multiply the total rake you generate by the refund rate the platform offers. 

Do the math to see if the deal is worth it for you.

Choosing the Right Deal

With so many rake rebate offers out there, how do you pick the best one? Here are some pointers to guide your choice.

  • Gaming Preference

Think about the types of games you play most often. Different games can generate varying amounts of rake, affecting the overall value of the casino fee refund.

  • Frequency of Play

If you play often, tiered or VIP rakeback offers might provide better returns. For occasional players, a flat rakeback deal could be more straightforward and beneficial.

  • Bonus Limitations

Always read the fine print. Some offers have restrictions or caps on how much you can earn back. Ensure the terms align with your playing habits.

  • Long-term Profitability

Look at the bigger picture. Choose a rakeback deal that offers sustained value over time rather than focusing on short-term gains.

Best Offers for Different Types of Players

Different players benefit from different rake rebate deals. Here’s a quick guide.

  • Casual Players 

If you play a few times a month, look for flat casino fee refunds. These perks are simple and usually offer a consistent return regardless of your playing volume.

  • Regular Players

If you play several times a week, tiered rakeback deals could be advantageous. These offers increase your refund percentage as you play more.

  • High Rollers

For those wagering large amounts regularly, VIP or loyalty programs are ideal. These deals usually give the highest refund percentages and come with more perks. Exclusive bonuses and faster withdrawals are just some of the extras.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Rakeback deals can lure you into gambling more, but don’t fall into these common traps:

  • Ignoring Terms and Conditions

Always read the fine print. Some deals have hidden conditions that could limit your earnings.

  • Overestimating Potential Earnings

Be realistic about how much you play and how much rake you generate. Don’t assume you’ll hit the highest tier if you typically play small stakes.

  • Choosing Based Solely on Percentage

A higher percentage isn’t always better if it comes with restrictive terms or caps. Balance the percentage with the deal’s flexibility and suitability to your gaming style.

Unlocking Your Casino Potential

With rakeback, you can get back some of your casino fees paid and increase your earnings a bit. As deals vary, choose yours wisely. Pick what suits you best, and steer clear of the common mistakes I’ve pinpointed.