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Dispatches from Wharf Hill

Latest Dispatches from Wharf Hill

Thankful for hometown merchants in IW, Surry

This robust week of holiday commerce reminds us again of the importance of shopping at home. Despite the many reasons we hear from consumers for ... Read more

1 week ago by Steve Stewart.

Let’s talk about something other than politics

When you read these words, the 2021 election will be over and the outcomes known unless, heaven forbid, a race is so close that it ... Read more

4 weeks ago by Steve Stewart.

Gerrymandering won’t die an easy death

Turns out that hyperpartisan citizens are no better than hyperpartisan legislators when it comes to ending gerrymandering. Two-thirds of Virginia voters last fall took the ... Read more

1 month ago by Steve Stewart.

Carrsville school board race is a bellwether

Is the uproar over Isle of Wight County Schools’ equity and inclusion movement the product of a few disgruntled parents and taxpayers? Or a much ... Read more

2 months ago by Steve Stewart.

Dressed-down Smithfield shines as movie set

Smithfield acquits itself quite well as a movie set for the comedic drama “Mary 4 Mayor,” streaming now on Amazon Prime, YouTube, Roku and several ... Read more

3 months ago by Steve Stewart.

Longing for the unity that once healed a nation

Twenty years on, 9-11’s enduring image for this pundit is the unity that soothed a wounded nation. If, heaven forbid, terrorists launched an assault of ... Read more

3 months ago by Steve Stewart.

Subscriber loyalty sustains Times during economic upheaval

Since the spring of 2020, when COVID-19 began battering the economy, especially small businesses like The Smithfield Times, many readers have asked how you could ... Read more

3 months ago by Steve Stewart.

Proud to call Smithfield home

Life on Commerce Street is tranquil a century after the Great Fire of 1921. Better Half and I — residents at the foot of Wharf ... Read more

4 months ago by Steve Stewart.