The Duration of an MBA How Long Does it Take to Earn an MBA Degree

Published 9:22 am Friday, January 20, 2023

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Earning a master’s in business administration may open several doors. An MBA may help you achieve what you want in life, whether that’s higher pay, a better job, or a combination of the two. The need for MBAs is also on the rise. It seems like every time you look for a job, it specifies that you require an MBA. If you’re serious about getting it, you probably want to know how long does it take to get a mba degree. It’s a reasonable question because the answer will let you plan things and see if it’s really necessary. Let’s dig into the topic and find out the durations of different programs to help you pick the most suitable one.

Things To Know Before Making A Choice

The duration of a full-time program is typically between one and two years. There are many different types of programs available. We mean online and offline ones, including both full-time and part-time schedules. Not to waste your time and make the right choice, you might want to get the best MBA consultant who will analyze your demands, answer your questions and help to choose the program. Furthermore, adhering to such guidance increases a student’s chances of admission. Depending on your educational and professional background specifics, earning a degree might take anywhere from a few months to several years.

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Looking beyond the years spent in school is necessary to grasp the time commitment needed to get a degree. The typical number of courses required to get an MBA is between nine and twelve. Seven to eight hours a week of dedicated study time is recommended for each class. It would help if you considered all of this when you make a choice.

Typical Programs And Their Duration

Programs have different contents and lengths. You may tailor your studies to fit your schedule. Remember that you may specialize if you want to work in a specific field. 

  • The standard program lasts for two years and requires full-time offline attendance.
  • Full-time students may get an accelerated MBA in as little as 11 months via various online or on-campus programs.
  • Do you want to choose a part-time option? It may be finished in four to six years. Yes, it’s a long time, but the good news is it can be done both offline and online.
  • Executive programs typically last between 18 and 24 months. The benefit mentioned above works here too. You can learn from the comfort of your home or on campus.
  • With the help of dual programs, one may achieve an MBA and another degree simultaneously. The typical duration is three years. However, this might vary based on the degrees involved.

What should one consider before typing the phrase “how many years for an mba” in the Google search bar? There is no exact and universal answer for all. When weighing your alternatives, remember that the time it takes to finish a degree is most heavily influenced by part-time or full-time mode. Before making the final decision, you also probably want to check out MBA risks and opportunities.  

What Factors Affect The Time It Takes To Graduate?

So let’s get straight to the point. Mba how long does it take? The time it takes to get a degree depends on a few elements. Some of these considerations will be predetermined by the institution and the program you end up enrolling in. Others will be dependent on how you study best.

Thinking ahead about how much time you’ll need to satisfy admissions requirements is essential in the beginning. Is there a test required to enter the program? When can you expect your application to be evaluated? How long does acquiring a transfer credit decision take if the course allows it? Your MBA might take noticeably longer if you skip any of them. If you want to finish it faster, prioritize schools that will enable you to enroll quickly online. Refrain from demanding the Graduate Management Admissions Test. Make it easy to transfer credits in.

Online Or Offline

How many years for mba degree do you need if you choose to study online? Such programs run for 6–8 weeks. Traditional classroom-based courses typically last for 15 weeks. Some online programs allow you to attend classes while working full-time, thus shortening the time spent earning your degree. 

Full-Time Or Part-Time

Full-time students must maintain a rigorous academic schedule that includes more than one course every semester. To get your degree while working full-time, you’ll need to evaluate how well you can juggle your career and school commitments. Making the most of your time in college is more important than rushing through. It is challenging if you have a lot of job tasks. 


Mba how many years it takes for additional specializations? It depends on the particular program. The only common thing is they lengthen the time it takes to graduate. These courses are in addition to the standard curriculum. However, if you want to use an MBA in a particular field, the additional time spent studying may be well worth it.


Graduates with an MBA are more equipped to succeed in the corporate world. Although a Master of Business Administration is among the most frequent forms of degree, the sheer number of programs available means a wide range in the structure and duration of courses. The usual length of time spent in a program is two years. It typically takes students two to four years to complete an MBA program with the part-time option. Executive programs may be completed in a year.