Letter – Don’t denigrate Trump voters

Published 6:58 pm Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

Regarding Mr. Hunter Lackey’s letter (“Put principle above politics,” Feb. 28), I take great exception at being called ignorant just because I am a Republican. 

I am not ignorant. I would never call Mr. Lackey nor anyone else whose opinion differs from mine ignorant. I will always respect your right to your opinion. 

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Furthermore, the reason that Congress is holding off on aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan is to try to get our current administration to close the Southern border. This is essential. The reasons for this are obvious. I agree that we need to give aid to the above-mentioned nations. But closing the Southern border is much more important.

Donald Trump knows a great deal about foreign policy. We were at a great point in our foreign policy situation when he was our president. Our economy was also booming when he was president. People could afford to put food on their tables and gas in their tanks. The number of ILLEGAL immigrants crossing the border was well under control and the wall was close to being finished.

Everything he accomplished has been undone by the current administration to the detriment of our once-great nation. 

I pray that we do not continue in the current manner of government during the next administration.


Linda Reagan