To buy or not to buy: why paid Instagram followers can save your account in 2022?

Published 8:44 am Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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Instagram’s audience is slowly moving to 3 billion active users which is just crazy – this platform is a universal channel for promotion and selling, if you’re willing to spread a word about some kind of content, service or a product. You can post whatever you want here (whatever you want and whatever doesn’t violate the guidelines of the community) and find whatever type of audience that you need – it only takes several days to start and several weeks to succeed. So fast? Yes, if you’re following the right strategy and using the right tools. For example, you should definitely be using a chance to buy Instagram followers – this text is dedicated to why you should purchase them and what benefits it is going to bring you. Let’s figure it out together!

Reason 1: it is cheap, but as efficient as working with a SMM-manager

You might not have a budget to work with a promoter, but taking on a paid service is not going to harm your savings for sure. It is quite cheap (especially if you find the websites that offer regular and personal discounts, for example, Viplikes and Soclikes do that) and very helpful.

The only thing you should keep in mind is that you need exclusively real followers that are going to be able to show a positive impact on your profile’s statistics. They have to visit Insta every day and have genuine pages, otherwise IG is going to count them as fakes or bots. And using those to develop your page might be extremely dangerous – if your profile has too much interaction with such resources, you’re risking getting into the shadow ban. And it is quite hard to get out of it. So buy real Instagram followers and always check the quality of the services you’re about to acquire. 

Reason 2: it saves you lots of time

With a service like this in your hands you will be able to concentrate on important things, such as generating high quality content and talking to your people. And the last one is actually key to sustaining a big and loyal audience which paid services can help you to get. Keeping them in place is your duty, and no paid service will help you with that.

Reason 3: it helps to build a complex promotional campaign

If you’re planning to get great results in the shortest time possible, you should move in small steps. If you’re starting from scratch, your first move would be to take on as many Instagram followers as you need to cover your need in an initial pool of followers. These are going to prove to other people that your content is actually worth checking out. Then you can proceed to using other methods, such as collaborating with bloggers (for free or for money, you pay – they tell about you to their audience), targeted ads and other creative ways to spread a word about your content, product or service. Just remember, that all the process (including the step with taking on subs) should look natural and very believable, so that people would trust in the fact that you have got to success by yourself and never cheated anywhere. 

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